Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fixed Satellite Internet

Is it so frustrating to be in a place without an Internet connection. It may also be mission critical for companies that work in remote locations. In some places there is no broadband, no DSL, no WIFI, and not even a mobile telephone signal is available because the cell towers are too far away.
The answer to this problem is a fixed satellite connection. A fixed satellite system offers Internet connection solutions for projects in construction and energy that frequently occur in very remote locations. It is also good for retail, offices, and even a home office, or for any other purpose at any location. Fixed satellite connections are magical. They allow connection to the Internet in places that would otherwise seem impossible.
Here is how fixed satellite works:
  • The satellite is in geo-synchronistic orbit, which means it stays in one place
  • The satellite is at a great height above the earth
  • The height allows the satellite to beam its signal down to cover a very large area
  • Anyone, with the right equipment and service provider can receive the signal
  • The area of coverage is parts of continents. It is very large.
Downloads from a fixed satellite system are easier than uploads. Advancements in technology have improved the upload speeds dramatically. These extraordinary fixed satellites are now able to send a wide signal to cover large parts of the earth, but also able to detect a tiny signal coming back from any earth location and identify whom it is.
The technology is amazing! In 1945, Arthur C. Clarke, the great science fiction writer, predicted that satellites would be a major part of the global communication system before they existed. If he were still alive today, he would be delighted to see how far the technology has progressed.
The Solution for Internet Connection Everywhere
There is no trouble in the world to remain connected. Fixed satellite internet solves the problem. Other technology cannot reach so many places. Nevertheless, fixed satellite can reach them.
Fixed satellite is a marvel of modern technology. For businesses like construction, energy, offices, home offices, retail, or any others than find it difficult to get an Internet connection, fixed satellite is the answer. 

Contact a reliable provider like Mobil Satellite Technologies we use them for many of our sites down here in Mexico.